Safety Training

Investing in highly effective, thorough training is our commitment to our employees' safety and success.

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Weekly Tailgate Meetings

Developed by QualTek Safety, safety topics are covered weekly with all field personnel. The 52-week comprehensive tailgate training curriculum covers a wide range of material including job site safety, personal protective equipment, driving, ergonomics, weather conditions, and more.

Job Site Observation & Job Hazard Analysis

We have qualified safety inspectors throughout the nation who perform job site observations on-site with employees daily.

Safety Team

QualTek maintains a multi-disciplined and certified Safety team that both trains and reinforces QualTek’s safety culture to all employees. QualTek’s Safety team has certified OSHA outreach instructors, first aid, CPR, radio frequency awareness, and National Safety Council Defensive Driver instructors. Our team also has multiple NWSA practical examiners and CITCA rigging and climber training instructors.

Return to Work Program

QualTek is proud to have a best-in-class Return to Work program. QualTek maintains excellent communication with injured employees throughout their recovery to support and ensure a successful transition back to work.